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5 Hair Blow Drying Mistakes

5 Hair Blow Drying Mistakes

Who knew blow drying your hair would be so tricky? It’s not as simple as it looks, but we’re here to show you a few tricks to avoid damaging your hair!

  1. Using High Heat To Blow Dry Hair Damages Your Hair

Using high heat is very bad for your hair. This is a big no no. If you’re running your blow dryer with a high heat setting, think again. Though it may dry your hair faster, it’s also very harmful. It can easily dry out and crack your hair cuticles due to high temperature, which leads to your hair follicles becoming weaker and more prone to damage. Our hair can absorb 200% of its weight water. However, if you’re blowing at heat levels of 200 degrees celsius or more, it causes rapid evaporation of water. If you want to dry your hair faster, try damping your hair carefully with a towel and section off the strands so it’s easier to dry! Another recommendation is to wait for your hair to dry on its own. Once it feels like it’s 80% dry, then use a blow dryer so that you don’t need to use too much heat!

  1. One Brush Doesn't Fit All

Choosing the right type of hair brush depends on your hair type. If you’re just picking out a brush without doing research, it can really damage your hair. Every hair brush has its own unique purpose! So which brush are you supposed to use?

a.) Blowout Brush - A proper round brush with a metal or ionic barrel for medium to thick hair helps tame the frizz while giving enough volume to boost the look on your hair! This type of brush is also specifically designed to be help retain heat and give your hair a more smooth and silky look. If you have fine to normal hair, find a mixed bristle brush to prevent split ends.

b.) Vent Brush - Its bristles are like teeth made out of nylon or plastic and it’s designed to help dry your hair faster with a blow dryer. If you use a normal brush, there’s no circulation for the heat to flow through. To get that voluminous look, this is the best brush to use it for! It will give your hair a nice texture to make it stand out.

c.) Wet Brush - The name says it all! When your hair is wet, it can create big knots that can be hard to get out of. The teeth of these brushes help detangle wet hair gently without pulling and breaking your hair cuticles.

  1. Rough Towel Drying Can Break Your Hair Cuticles

Aggressively rubbing your wet hair with a towel can cause hair damage that can lead to breakage. If you keep rubbing your hair hard, it can also create big knots that are very difficult to take out. Imagine trying to take these knots out when your hair is wet. Our hair cuticles are far more delicate and fragile especially when wet, so we should be very gentle. The best thing to do is to gently press the water out. Yes, it may take a little bit more time, but your hair will thank you in the end! If you often use a towel to dry, look into microfibre towels, which are more finer threaded to help absorb more moisture with less force.

  1.  Heat Protectant Products Can Save Your Hair

No matter what type of hair you have, it’s very important to protect your hair if you use any heating tools! When your hair isn’t protected from the heat, it loses its moisture quickly causing damage. Make sure you spray heat protectant before blow drying so that you’re protecting the roots and hair cuticles.

  1. Section Your Hair When You Blow Dry

Blow drying your hair all over the place doesn’t help make your hair dry faster. In fact, it’s causing more problems that can lead to hair tangling, frizziness and hair damage. First, start off by sectioning your hair into parts, then set the dryer to a cooler setting and use a brush to blow dry from the roots to the ends. In this way, you’re not just blowing in random parts multiple times, your hair can get damaged by mistakenly drying the same spot too long! Not only does sectioning your hair help save more time, it also saves your hair!