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At Strands, we create your hair care with high quality ingredients that are optimal for you.
The ingredients we choose are based on a few factors: your hair type, condition, treatment, environment and lifestyle. We strive to select ingredients that will help you get healthy and beautiful strands from inside out. Here’s a preview.
Jojoba Oil
Let the light shine in
Coats the hair for protection
Improves shine
Aloe Vera
Say aloe to your new best friend
Amino Acid, Enzyme and Mineral Rich
Boosts moisture balance
Soothes Scalp
Avocado Oil
Peace, love, avocados
Rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E
Great conditioner
Grapeseed Oil
This is gonna be grape
Rich in vitamins A, D, and E
Non-greasy, mild emollient (seals in water)
Collagen Amino Acids
Great for skin, great for hair
Marine sourced (vegan-friendly)
Penetrates damaged cuticle
Locks in moisture
Green Tea Extract
A cup a day keeps the doctor away
Soothes scalp
Bamboo Extract
To hair that’s strong like bamboo & soft like pandas
Naturally rich with silica
Helps smoothen
Boosts shine
Provitamin B5
Leave it up to the professionals
Locks in moisture
Enhances softness
Adds shine
Baobab Seed Protein
From the “Tree of Life”, literally
Nourishes your strands
Increases softness
Robust conditione
Vitamin E
It’s always sunny in your strands
Excellent antioxidant activity
Supports healthy scalp
Color protection
Lychee Extract
Not just a summer fruit
Rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, & plant-based micronutrients
Rejuvenates and potent antioxidant
Pea Protein Peptide
Bring on the pea shooters
Forms protective film
Boosts hair volume
Shea Butter
Lay it on thick
Contains allantoin, and vitamins A & E
Incredible emollient (softens)
Super conditioning
Rice Bran Oil
Just a drizzle goes a long way
Helps prevent split ends
Adds softness
Boosts shine
Mango Seed Butter
Your hair likes the good stuff too
Long-lasting nourishment
Effective emollient