Hair care made for you, based on you.
Your hair knows what it needs.
Now you can too.
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We’re pioneering a new standard for custom hair care that begins with testing, not just a quiz.
The Strands Kit
This bundle includes a test kit and an 8 oz shampoo and conditioner set made exclusively for you.
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Why Strands?
We don’t believe in guessing when it comes to hair care. Strands was founded upon using real data to create products that your hair demands. We’re leading the future of hair care to unlock your hair’s natural potential, with you involved at every step of the way.
All Strands products are customized to order, specifically designed from your hair and lifestyle.
What does your hair say?
Our scientists analyze your protein levels, hair texture, cuticle condition, and scalp sebum. Then we explore your lifestyle factors to formulate your products.
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How it works
Get your test kit.
Collect a few strands
Mail it back to our lab - the postage is pre-paid.
Get your hair analysis report and formulations.
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How it works
Backed by science
We use a proprietary algorithm to match your ingredients to insights from your hair’s biochemistry. Our formulations are:
Forecast: Beautiful hair all season long.
Proven by you
Madison Griebel
Strands is amazing! I've always had problems with greasy hair and now with Strands, I can go days in between washes with no issues!
Therea Trejo
No more quick-fix bandaids to cover my dry frizzy hair with split ends. Strands is so personalized; they pay attention to every detail and concern!
Jennifer Rowton
Strands goes beyond haircare. Their customer care is exceptional and personal. I can’t imagine ever buying haircare in a supermarket again.