Revived, More Beautiful Hair in 30 Days
We use science to develop a custom shampoo and conditioner exclusively for your hair.
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How Strands Works
Get your perfect hair within 30 days or your money back.
Get your test kit
Collect a few strands
Mail them back to our lab (the postage is pre-paid)
Our chemists will determine your hair health with our unique scientific testing process
We send you completely customized shampoo and conditioner formulas, specific for your hair!
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How Strands Works
Get your perfect hair within 30 days or your money back.
A New Standard for Hair Care
The Strands kit includes a pre-paid envelope so we can evaluate your strands, as well as your first shampoo and conditioner set that we’ll formulate after analyzing your hair health and scalp condition. Every bottle is hand-finished and packaged at the peak of ingredient freshness, and labeled with your name and personal ingredient details.
The Strands Kit
Strands is developing a new standard of custom hair care. We use scientific data from your hair sample to design exclusive products that address your unique hair needs.
Get Your Strands Kit
What do we learn from the kit?
Cuticle Condition
Hair Texture
Surface Protein Levels
Scalp Sebum Level
A Formula That Fits Your Lifestyle
Beautiful Hair Starts With Data

We use science to analyze your hair sample and engineer personalized products just for you.

“I could tell a difference in my hair from the first wash, honestly. I could rave about this all day; it’s that good.”
“Thanks to Strands, I will ringing in the New Year with healthier, I learned so much about my hair and overall hair health.”
“I have truthfully never loved my hair more than I have since using Strands...I’ve legit gotten so many compliments. ⁣⁣⁣⁣”
Backed by science
We’re pioneering personalized hair care that goes beyond just a quiz. We use microscopic imaging, molecular analysis and our unique algorithm to match ingredients to your hair’s biochemistry. Our formulations are:

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