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Start 2022 Off Strong With These Hair Resolutions

Start 2022 Off Strong With These Hair Resolutions

We don’t know about you, but this year certainly seemed to have a lot of unexpected twists and turns up its sleeves. With lingering uncertainty in the air, it’s probably not very far-fetched to say that perfecting your French chignon and deep-conditioning wasn’t the highest thing on your priority list (no judgment). Luckily, there’s a new chapter up ahead and we’re planning on making the most of it. And no, we’re not talking ambitious new workout plans or unachievable book lists. We’re talking very-doable tweaks and adjustments to the good things you’re already doing for yourself. New year, new hair? Let’s do this. 


The Power of Habit 

First up: cultivate an everyday hair routine. You know the drill—brushing your teeth, doing your sit-ups, watering your fiddle leaf fig—they’re all only as effective as you make them by showing up day after day. The trick is always to stick to it (even when it’s raining, or you overslept, would rather go to bed without washing your face after the party, or would rather eat cake for breakfast in your pajamas) – I’ve been there. And it doesn’t take that much to give it a little added TLC: Keep scalp irritation in check with consistent washing, stick to custom products with made-for-you ingredients, and stimulate hair growth and blood flow with a scalp massage as often as you can. Once you’ve had your hair tested and a formula developed with our lab, you can give up guesswork for good and tweak your shampoo and conditioner as the seasons change to best support your specific hair needs. Goal 1, check! 


Keep Your Cool

2022 is the year we’re all gonna resolve to limit our hair’s exposure to heat. We love our magical straighteners and blow-dryers for helping us get out the door in a literal hot minute, but the havoc they can wreak is lasting. There are so many heat-free ways to curl and smooth your hair’s texture, it’s simply a matter of figuring out what works for you. Embracing natural texture and letting your hair breathe is one of the best steps you can take to give your strands a new lease on life. And if you’re holding onto your heating tools with a white-knuckle grip while reading this, we see you. Why not challenge yourself to a no-heat experiment for a week and no more? With a little time to rest and repair, we guarantee you’ll see benefits that might just change the way you style your hair for good. 


Smooth Sailing 

If you’re the type to greet the morning with a bedhead or, on occasion, what looks like an actual bird’s nest, you’ll wanna run, not walk, to get a silk pillowcase. This resolution may be the easiest because it’s the one with the most immediate results and you can start, well, right this minute. Your typical cotton or synthetic pillowcase can actually be damaging and drying to your tresses. Silk allows your hair fibers to glide freely as you dream, which in turn makes for sleek, smooth wakeup calls with zero frizz. Another perk? Silk is less likely to hold onto bacteria which means good news for skin, too. Hooray. 


Embrace Change 

We love the tried-and-true as much as the next person (exhibit A: that very stretched-out hair band we keep in our purse because it’s been with us through alot), but sometimes a little refresh is just the ticket. You don’t need to go full pompadour or perm, either. Merely switching up your hairstyle from time to time can have a positive effect on its overall health. Pulling your hair back too tightly into a ponytail or bun may cause “traction alopecia”, a kind of stress-induced hair loss that comes from your hair follicles feeling like they’re in a losing game of tug-of-war. Try a low knot at the nape of your neck, a braid, or (flashback to grade school) a cool headband or scarf. After all, you’ve made it through the last two years like a champ, so why not live a little?