The Strands Kit
This bundle includes a test kit and an 8 oz shampoo and conditioner set made exclusively for you.
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Stop the guessing game. Your hair holds a wealth of untapped data that tells us precisely what it needs.
How it works
Get your test kit.
Collect a few strands from your brush, your shower, or from a haircut.
Mail it back to our lab - the postage is pre-paid.
Get your hair analysis report and formulations.
Paraben Free
Mineral Oil Free
Dye Free
Phthalate Free
Solving an age-old problem
It can be confusing to understand our hair and find the right products. Strands brings a scientific, simple way to understand and treat hair, giving you beautiful locks as your lifestyle changes.
What’s in your formulation
Each batch is customized to meet your unique needs. We strive to use the most effective ingredients, and take great care to maintain ingredients at their peak potency.
Our Ingredients
Can I order shampoo or conditioner if I haven’t had my hair tested yet?
We can only personalize a shampoo or conditioner to your specific hair profile after we've tested your hair. We want to make sure we're customizing your hair products based on real data from your strands!
Can I order the shampoo or conditioner only?
Yes. Once you've received the first order of your products, you will be able to log in to your Strands account and order/subscribe to individual bottles of shampoo or conditioner.
How much does each shampoo or conditioner cost?
After you receive your first shampoo and conditioner set, you will be able to reorder each bottle for $30.
Does anything else come with my products?
Yes, we include a copy of your hair analysis report, your ingredient list, a scalp massager, and bottle pumps for your shampoo and conditioner formulations.
Is the shampoo and conditioner color safe?
Today, all of our products are SLES- and SLS- free. These are the typical ingredients known to cause color-loss.
Is the shampoo and conditioner safe for keratin treated hair?
Yes, as long as you indicate that you treated your hair with keratin during your online kit activation.
Can I request to remove specific ingredients from my products?
We are not able to offer this yet. Although we don't encourage modifying our formulas because of the way they are created, we do understand that you may want some ingredients removed. Our team is working around the clock to identify alternate ingredients with the same level of efficacy.
How do I know that I’m using enough shampoo?
Since our shampoos are sulfate-free, your shampoo may lather less than you're used to. In some instances, the lather will be very light due to the active ingredients that we've added to your customized product. We recommend starting with a few pumps of our shampoo and massage the product into your scalp and work it down your strands. If you don't feel like you have the proper coating over your hair, use more product.
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