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Who we are
What makes Strands Hair Care unique?
Strands is changing the status quo for the hair care industry by creating products based on your hair’s data. We’re introducing science and precision into an industry that has been a guessing game for so long.
How does it work?
Get your test kit.
Collect a few strands from your brush, your shower, or from a haircut.
Mail it back to our lab - the postage is pre-paid.
Get your hair analysis report and formulations.
Can I order the shampoo or conditioner if I haven’t had my hair tested yet?
We can only personalize a shampoo or conditioner to your specific hair profile after we’ve tested your hair. We want to make sure we’re customizing your hair products based on real data from your strands!
Can I order the shampoo or conditioner only?
Yes. After you have received the first order of your products, you will be able to log in to your Strands account and order/subscribe to individual bottles of shampoo or conditioner.
What’s included with my hair products?
If you ordered a bundle (test kit & shampoo and conditioner), you will receive:
1 customized shampoo
2 pumps
1 customized conditioner
1 satin travel pouch
1 hair analysis report and ingredient list
If you re-ordered a single shampoo or conditioner bottle, you will receive:
1 customized shampoo or conditioner
1 product manual and ingredient list
1 pump
Does Strands products work for all hair types?
Our hair care products are inclusive to all hair types and conditions since each product is designed based on your hair data and lifestyle.
Is the shampoo and conditioner color safe?
Today, all of our products are SLES- and SLS- free. These are the typical ingredients known to cause color-loss.
Is the shampoo and conditioner safe for keratin treated hair?
Yes, as long as you indicate that you treated your hair with keratin during your online kit activation.
Can I request to remove specific ingredients from my products?
We are not able to offer this yet. Although we don't encourage modifying our formulas because of the way they are created, we do understand that you may want some ingredients removed. Our team is working around the clock to identify alternate ingredients with the same level of efficacy.
How do I know that I’m using enough shampoo?
Since our shampoos are sulfate-free, your shampoo may lather less than you're used to. In some instances, the lather will be very light due to the active ingredients that we've added to your customized product. We recommend starting with a few pumps of our shampoo and massage the product into your scalp and work it down your strands. If you don't feel like you have the proper coating over your hair, use more product.
Test Kit
What’s inside The Strands Kit?
1 set of instructions: on how to provide your hair sample, and activate your test kit.
1 sample reference card: use it to check if you have collected enough hair.
1 set of scalp test strips: use them to test your scalp sebum level.
4 scent cards: use them to sample our shampoo & conditioner scent options and choose your product scent online.
1 sample collection bag: use it to hold your hair sample after collection.
1 prepaid return envelope: use it to send your sample back to us.
What kind of testing does Strands perform?
Strands currently performs 4 different accurate hair tests to build your biological hair profile. These tests are:
1. Scalp Sebum Test to determine your to scalp sebum (oil) level.
2. Microscopic Cuticle Analysis to assess your cuticle integrity at specific locations on your hair fiber.
3. Microscopic Diameter Analysis to assess your hair texture down to the micrometer.
4. Molecular Protein Analysis to asses your cuticle integrity across your entire hair sample.
Does Strands perform DNA testing?
We do not and have no plans to perform DNA testing on customer hair samples.
Can the test kit and products be shipped to different addresses?
Yes, you will be able to change your product shipping address during your online kit activation.
Where is my Test Kit ID located?
You can find your Test Kit ID inside your test kit folder.
How and when do I do the scalp test?
You should do your scalp test when you are prompted during your online kit activation. Please make sure your hair is clean and dry before doing your scalp test to ensure accurate results.
Can I change my questionnaire answers after my kit has been activated?
Yes you can change your answers up until we receive your hair sample. To change your answers, log in to your Strands account and navigate to the My Profile page.
Is the Strands test something I take more than once?
We recommend testing your hair every six months, when you move locations for a period longer than three months, or if you change hair treatments. Your hair condition varies depending on your environment, treatment, and lifestyle, and hair damage may not be visible to the naked eye. Let’s make sure your products are up to date with your current hair condition.
Hair Sample
How much hair do I need to submit?
We only need a small amount of hair, but don’t worry about guessing the amount. In the test kit, you’ll find a sample reference card that will help you check if you have collected enough hair. Depending on your hair length and hair type, it may take a few days to collect the right amount. Always try to send us more hair than you think we’ll need.
Where do I collect my hair from?
You can collect hair from your brush/comb, shower, or haircut.
Can I combine hair from different sources?
Absolutely! We just need to make sure you send us enough hair by checking the reference card.
Can I send in hair that I already have in my brush/comb?
Yes! Just make sure that your brush/comb’s hair will reflect your current hair routine and treatment.
Does my hair need to be clean?
No. The cleanliness of your sample will not affect your results because we’ll clean your hair sample once it arrives at our lab.
How long does it take for my hair sample to arrive at the Strands lab?
Your sample should arrive in 3-5 business days.
What happens if I didn’t send enough hair?
We’ll reach out to you by email or text to let you know. Then we’ll ship you another sample collection bag and prepaid return envelope to collect more hair.
Does Strands keep my hair sample?
We’ll keep your hair sample for 2 weeks after we complete your hair testing as a precaution. After two weeks, we’ll dispose of your hair sample.
How does the subscription plan work?
Once you’ve completed a hair test and received your first order of customized products, you can schedule ongoing deliveries of your custom shampoo and/or conditioner at the interval of your choice.
What subscription options are available?
You can subscribe at 1 month, 2 month and 3 month intervals.
Can I change my formulation during my subscription?
A few days before your subscription order is set to be delivered, you will receive an email reminder to adjust your bottle scent, change your delivery date, or update any delivery details (like your address or billing info).
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to your account and selecting the My Profile tab. Find your subscription and select the cancel button.
Shipping and Returns
How do I change my shipping address?
If you would like to change the shipping address of your products on your first order, you can update your address during online kit activation.
For reorders, you can specify your new shipping address when placing your order.
What’s your refund policy?
You’re welcome to refund your personalized products within 30 days of when your order shipped. See our full refund policy here.
Which countries do you ship to?
Currently we only ship to the U.S. In the future, we’ll be shipping to other countries. Stay tuned! We’ll make announcements on social media. Follow us at @Strands_Hair
How much does shipping cost?
We charge a standard $5.00 shipping fee. Shipping is free with subscriptions.
When can I expect my order?
After ordering The Strands Kit, your test kit will arrive in 2-3 days.
Once we receive your hair sample, our testing process takes ~1 week to complete depending on order volumes. This includes: generating your hair analysis report & personalized ingredient list.
Your products will be formulated and sent to you immediately after testing.
Check on the status of your hair analysis and product formulation on your online Strands account.