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6 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Humid Weather

6 Quick & Easy Hairstyles for Humid Weather

Recently I stumbled across a meme that summed up the ever-fickle weather in New York in the most painfully accurate way. It looked like this:

New York Actually Has 12 Seasons


Fool’s Spring

Second Winter

Spring of Deception

Third Winter

The Pollening

Actual Spring

Summer Hell’s Front Porch

False Fall

Second Summer

Actual Fall

We’re currently in the beginnings of a very false fall, no question, and—just wait—a burst of damp heat will throw us all off our game the minute we’ve dusted off our boots and berets. In the spirit of preparedness, I’ve been seeking out no-fuss hairstyles to keep getting ready in the morning to a minimum (with maximum all-day staying power to spare). Best of all? These repertoire-refreshing updos really do the trick no matter the climate you’re currently in. We’re talking pulled together, pretty, and polished—and that looks good year round. 


1. The Bubble Ponytail

Like your go-to ponytail with a twist, er, poof. It’s inarguably cute, reliable, and—drumroll—doesn’t take any time at all. 

You’ll wanna gather your hair into a high ponytail, then apply sturdy clear elastic bands (your regular bulky hair ties won’t give it that seamless bubble look) every few inches, teasing out the hair between each until it’s rounded. 

Here’s a tutorial that’ll show you how.


2. Crown Braids (AKA Milkmaid Braids)

The Heidi look is back in a big way. 

Simple braiding skills are all you need, plus this look works for hair that’s medium-length to long (and looks as smashing with a turtleneck as it does with a halter top).

Separate hair into two low pigtails. Braid both sections and secure with clear elastics. Pull one braid up over your head and bobby-pin it an inch back from your hairline. Repeat on the opposite side, positioning the second braid behind the first. Extra points for teasing it out into a more mussed-up romantic version. 


3. Perfectly-Imperfect French Twist 

A 5-minute take on the classic: Sweep your hair to one side, just off center. Slip in a bobby pin vertically, up from the bottom. Working from the bottom up, insert a row of bobby pins vertically, crisscrossing them to secure the hair. Finish by pushing in the last one downward. Gather hair in one hand and twist tightly, pulling up. Insert bobby pins horizontally into the base of the twist, intersecting with the vertical pins to hold the style. 


4. The Triple Knot 

This trio of mini-buns looks elaborate but couldn’t be simpler.

Get the look: Comb hair back. Divide into three sections, and create three low ponytails at the hairline. Twist each ponytail fully, then wrap the hair around the base of the tail to create a small bun. Secure each with bobby pins and set with hair spray.


5. Half Up Topknot

Half the work, double the head turns. 

Start on dry hair (second-day hair will give you more texture to work with) and comb away a third of your hair from the front of your head. Create a ponytail with that section and secure with a clear hair tie or pins as you please, then wrap it in a clockwise direction til you have a knot. Add some bobby pins and a spritz of your fave holding spray, then hit the beach. 


6. Ballerina Bun

No pointe shoes required. Endlessly versatile and glam-as-all-get-out, this look requires a quick brush up of your hair and a twist, then ta-da. While twisting it, insert some bobby pins along the way to secure it. To finish? A little hairspray will keep it looking sleek, no matter what’s on the agenda.