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Cruelty-Free Is The New Black

Cruelty-Free Is The New Black

Pro-tip: choose Cruelty-free products.

Why? When you shop cruelty-free, not only are you saving innocent animals from suffering, you’re also helping reduce the waste created from animal testing. This is definitely one of the best ways to elevate your beauty routine.

As we grow as a company, we’re constantly striving to become more transparent and environmentally-conscious. Our recent efforts have paid off, and we’re so excited to announce that Strands is officially Leaping Bunny certified!


What does this mean? 

Leaping Bunny is the international stamp of approval which verifies companies to be free of animal testing at all phases of product development. This covers the entire supply chain, from ingredient suppliers to a company’s own lab. 

In order to be certified, a company must provide documentation that they are completely cleared of animal testing, as well as agree to a third-party audit of their supply chain. Consumers can also be assured that all certifications have to be renewed annually. 

Why does this matter? 

The modern consumer knows that animal testing is outdated and unnecessary. According to Leaping Bunny, there is “sufficient existing safety data as well as in vitro alternatives to make animal testing for these products obsolete”. Unfortunately, animal testing continues to happen because of its relatively lower cost. 

Many product claims such as “cruelty-free” or “not tested on animals” are only referring to the finished product, when, in fact, a lot of animal testing happens at the ingredient stage or is performed by a third-party. These statements can be very misleading for consumers. 

Here at Strands, we are constantly working to craft our products with the animals and the environment in mind. Therefore, we’re honored to be joining so many other companies in the fight against animal testing. Stay tuned on our blog and social media channels to keep up with our sustainability efforts!