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Feed Your Hair Macadamia Nut Oil

Feed Your Hair Macadamia Nut Oil

You may be familiar with macadamia nuts as its very well known for its high nutrients and protein in nature. Macadamia nuts are not only good for consumption, but also as a beauty aid. While it does tastes really good, the oil also does a lot for the hair! I’m sure many of you heard of macadamia nut oil being used as a hair treatment, but how many of you know what it does? Well, its its the minerals and vitamins in the oil that effectively helps with the health of your hair and you’re about to find out what they are.

Let the Shiny Nut Give You Shiny Hair

Macadamia Oil is actually one of my favorite type of hair treatment oils because of its fatty acid known as Omega 7. The fatty acid plays a key role in building blocks for the hair and skin. In fact, did you know that macadamia oil has one of the the highest amount of fatty acids? Yes it’s true! When the fatty acid is gets in touch with your scalp, it slowly starts to seal the hairs of your cuticle, helping your hair to become smoother and stronger so that it can protect itself from environmental factors. The stronger the hair, the shinier the hair will look! If you use a lot of heat styling tools, I recommend macadamia nut as an amazing hair treatment oil. It provides natural ingredients that will shelter your hair from further damage.

Boost Hair Growth

If you’re trying to restore hair growth, this oil can be used as a hair restorative! With that said, it doesn’t mean that you’ll start noticing your hair grow drastically if you suffer from hair loss, but the ingredients will definitely do it’s best to repair your hair. When you use the oil, make sure that you’re applying it to the appropriate places. Apply the oil to the scalp or near the hair follicles and this will give you a boost to thicker and fuller hair!

Tame The Frizzy Hair

If you’ve always had frizzy hair problems, well this time it’s going to meet its match. The fatty acids are truly a lifesaver as it can tame frizz like no other nut can. Frizziness occurs when the moisture is not balanced in your hair. Instead of getting a smooth and silky hair texture, it becomes very dry and sporadic hair. Thankfully, the Vitamin E in the macadamia oil softens, rejuvenates the hair and help to eliminate frizz by coating the hair shaft with nourishing oils. Just by adding a few drops of macadamia oil to your hair, you’re providing the nourishment that’s needed to fight off flyaways!

Coat The Ends, Moisturize The Scalp

There’s one more thing about its fatty acid that needs to be praised about because it’s something that only a few oils can produce! Macadamia oil has the ability to promote a healthy production of sebum, similar to the jojoba oil! Sebum is what helps nourish hair follicles and keep the hair from drying out. We all produce a different amount of sebum based on our genetics and hormones where some produce more than another. So if you notice that your scalp gets very dry, macadamia oil is very good for you! With that said, you should still be careful of how much you apply on your scalp though. If you notice that the scalp is getting too greasy, this means that it’s building too much sebum which can affect your hair from growing properly because the grease closes up the cuticles.