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Hair Wash: Do’s and Don’ts

Hair Wash: Do’s and Don’ts

Hair Wash Do’s

  1. Always use warm water temperature to wash your hair! It’s very common for people to shower in hot water because it just feels so good and relaxing! However, using very hot water for very long leads to dryness and hair damage because it removes the moisture that your hair depends on. Warm water helps open the cuticles up so that the shampoo can thoroughly remove the dirt and oil left behind, while absorbing enough moisture from the conditioner.
  2. When you apply shampoo, mix it with water first! The most common mistake people make is directly applying shampoo onto the scalp. The problem with that is you’re not washing your whole head thoroughly. When you mix the shampoo with water, it helps cover all the areas that needs to be washed.
  3. The moment you step into the shower, make sure you rinse your hair first! Water and shampoo are the perfect yin and yang. Shampoo spreads more evenly when your hair is wet. It’s going to help wash your hair better!

Hair Wash Don’ts

  1. If you’re someone who likes to scrub your head when washing hair, think again! Yes, it feels great when you get to relieve that itch that’s been bothering you, but what you’re actually doing to your scalp can be very harmful. A harsh shampoo wash can cause your skin to break, making it become more irritated and sensitive. Be very gentle with your scalp by massaging it. Did I mention that all our shampoo products come with a scalp massager?
  2. Avoid applying conditioner on the scalp! Unless the instructions on the bottle instructs you to apply it directly, it’s your hair that needs the moisture and hydration. Applying it directly to the roots when you’re not supposed to will make your head very oily! Your scalp is already building natural oils that’s keeping your head moisturized. Overall, it depends on the ingredients used in the conditioner. The best way to determine the type of conditioner you need is by getting an expert to look into your hair. If you’re looking to find the best product match for you, we can help! We use technologically advanced tools to collect real hair data to create the perfect personalized shampoo and conditioner specifically for you!
  3. Don’t shampoo twice! Many women with long and thick hair feel like washing it once isn’t enough so they wash it twice. There’s no need to wash it two times because you’re taking away the natural oils that help your hair grow healthy! Take more time to gently massage your scalp and that’s all you need!