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Healthy Hair Habits

Healthy Hair Habits

For healthy looking hair, a lot of it depends on our hair treatments; However, it is more than just what kind of shampoo or conditioner you use. Many factors contribute to how healthy or shiny our hair looks, and most of the time, the hair products aren’t the only things affecting our hair. How we treat our hair is crucial in keeping or getting healthy hair, and it’s important to develop some healthy hair habits for you to have the healthiest hair ever! 

Get Regular Trims

Avoiding the salon is counterproductive to growing out your hair. The ends of your hair can become dry and cause split ends and hair breakage, which will prevent your hair from getting lengthy. It’s recommended that you get a trim every 6-8 weeks!

Go Natural

Using heat to style our hair although is efficient and produces great results, it can damage our hair greatly. Let your hair chill and recuperate from all it endures for a bit! Next time on your day off, try to let your hair air-dry and don’t use heat or put it in a tight ponytail. Go natural for a day or two, it’ll give your hair a rest!

A Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is good for your health - yes, but it’s also an important factor for your hair health. It may seem like it has nothing to do with your hair, but protein is the building block of hair, and a lack of nutrition such as protein and iron in your diet can lead to hair loss and poor hair health. Try to maintain a balanced diet so your hair doesn’t lose its energy source!

Do Not Overbrush

Brushing your hair is something we do multiple times a day. You may be wondering why it matters how much you brush your hair, isn’t it a good thing to keep your hair smooth and brushed out? Well, brushing causes the natural oils from your scalp to spread, and over brushing can cause your hair to get greasy faster. Also, if you use a plastic brush, it’s more likely to cause hair breakage!

Same Line Shampoo & Conditioner

Try to use hair products from the same line. They have a similar formulation as it’s designed for a specific type of hair. They work best when paired, and show better results than only using an individual product.