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How Air Pollutants Affect Our Hair And Scalp Health

How Air Pollutants Affect Our Hair And Scalp Health

When we think of air pollution and its negative effects, we often think about how it’s harmful to our skin. Most of the time we tend to forget how it would also cause damage to our hair and scalp. Our skin and scalp are the first things exposed to pollution, but different from the scalp, our skin often has the advantage of being protected by lotions and other skincare treatments. So what are we being exposed to that are doing harm to our hair and scalp?

Soot, dust and other grime, smoke, and gaseous pollutants can all settle on our hair and scalp. They cause irritation and damages ranging from an itchy scalp to hair dryness and breakage. Our hair and scalp are exposed to these pollutants and possible damages whenever we’re outdoors, and people who live in cities are at an even higher risk because of their highly polluted surroundings. However, there are ways that you can prevent damages to your hair from the harmful pollutants that we’re exposed to.

Easy Ways To Protect Your Hair From Air Pollutants

1. Try Anti-Pollution Hair Care

Our hair needs to be protected just like our skin needs skincare treatments! Hair companies are now creating anti-pollution products that help with removing and preventing air pollutants. There are hair masks and shampoos that contain moringa, which is a purifying extract that removes pollutants and counteracts free radical damage caused by pollution. Try also using anti-pollution hair conditioners that contain this specific ingredient. It’ll help create a barrier between your hair and the pollutants, blocking your hair from the dusty, frizz-inducing environments.

 2. Be Careful When Styling Your Hair

Air pollutants can often weaken our hair cuticles and cause hair breakage, so be extra careful when styling your hair. It’s good to always start from the bottom when combing your hair and work your way up. To prevent further damage to your hair, attach a diffuser on your blow dryer to minimize heat exposure. For people with fine hair, have your irons and curlers no more than 360 degrees, or 410 degrees if you have thick hair.

3. When In Doubt, Hydrate it Out!

Hydration is key when maintaining our hair health. Besides air pollutants, other environmental aggressors can also cause dryness in our hair. Try a moisturizing hair mask to best counteract brittle hair. Look for products that contain ingredients such as jojoba oil, as it not only moisturizes your hair but also strengthens’ the hydro-lipid layer in your hair, which helps maintain hydration. Avocado oil is another common and effective ingredient for hydrating and repairing your hair. Add a few drops to your shampoo or rub it on your scalp to have a moisturizing effect. 

If you’re still unsure how to protect your hair, we recommend doing a hair test to determine your true hair condition with us! Based on your hair results, we pick out specific high-quality ingredients to create a custom-formulated shampoo and conditioner, which can help restore and protect your hair strands long-term. Give us a try!