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How To Prevent Your Hair From Producing Excessive Oil

How To Prevent Your Hair From Producing Excessive Oil


Do you wash your hair in the morning and it immediately gets greasy in the evening? Washing your hair can become an everyday hassle. Especially if you have thick hair, waiting hours for it to air dry can be dreading. But did you know that skipping washes can actually be good for your hair? Overwashing your hair can lead to its natural oils being stripped away, causing your hair to become brittle and dry, but there are ways that you can prevent your hair from producing excessive oil so you’ll last longer between washes. 

Try A Clarifying Shampoo

Other than dirt and oil, the build-up of products in your hair can be another reason that causes your hair to get greasy. Regular shampoo can’t always get rid of all the build-up, and this is where clarifying shampoo comes in. Our hair not only clings onto pollutants but hair product residue as well, and it’ll be difficult to extend how long each wash lasts if you don’t wash out the build-up. Sometimes our bodies need a detox, and it’s the same for our hair!

Only Condition The Ends And Avoid Hair Oils

The ends of our hair need moisture, but our roots are the opposite because oil is produced from the scalp to avoid hair from getting greasy quickly. Only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair where it’s more exposed to environmental factors. Another tip is to simply avoid using oils. Although hair oils can help with many hair problems such as frizziness and dryness, sometimes they can actually be counterproductive. If you’re trying to make each wash last longer, try using styling creams instead as they’re not heavy in silicones or oil production. 

Use Dry Shampoo The Night Before

Whenever you need to freshen up your hair a bit or are in a rush and have no time to wash your hair, just spray some dry shampoo and massage it deep into your roots. It’ll work even better if you use it the night before. Because your hair produces the most oil during the night. Spraying on dry shampoo before bed can also help absorb the oils and sweat, so you can wake up feeling all squeaky clean and fresh in the morning!

Tie Your Hair Up

Touching your hair constantly is a big no-no when it comes to keeping your hair from getting oily. But did you know that letting your hair down can also cause the production of oils to accelerate? If you pull your hair back in a ponytail, a braid, or even a messy bun, it’ll prevent your hair from collecting oils from your hands and your face. If you want to last between washes, putting your hair up is probably one of the best options. However, do not tie your hair up too often, as it may lead to an overdue hairstyle and cause hair loss.