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Meet Your Dream Pillowcase

Meet Your Dream Pillowcase

I’ve always longed for the good kind of bedhead. You know, the sleepy, slightly-mussed curls little kids are unfairly blessed with/anyone in a Parisian perfume ad seems to wake up to. Instead, on any given morning my mane falls somewhere between stand-off-with-leaf-blower or flat and limp, like it’s still in deep REM. 

Except it turns out your hair doesn’t actually sleep...nor should your hair care. First let’s assess the damage. A single night of tossing and turning on a standard cotton pillowcase often results in some nasty tangles and snarls. (The fibers are just textured enough for your strands to cling to them which can lead to pulling and tugging every time you move. Yikes.) 

Enter silk: It’s smoother-than-smooth—more than any other natural fiber. This means your hair won’t catch, instead it’ll glide, Michelle Kwan style, right over the case leaving it soft and smooth in the morning. E.g. it won’t look like you were sleeping on a friction-packed rubber balloon when the sun comes up. 

A few more benefits you can take to the bank?

Silk pillowcases keep hair hydrated, meaning they can help with brittle hair. Since cotton is more porous, it tends to absorb valuable moisture while silk helps it to stay right where it belongs. So if you suffer from parched strands, silk is your BFF.

Silk also happens to be temperature-regulating, unlike cotton, wicking moisture away to keep you cool and dry as you slumber. 

Our latest game-changing product is proudly produced with all the thoughtfulness and scientific know-how you’ll meet in the rest of the Strands line, made exclusively with A-grade, 100% pure mulberry silk (aka silk’s equivalent of Egyptian cotton) and here in two match-anything hues. Try it and we’re pretty darn certain you might need to pinch yourself when you start waking up to, well, the hair of your dreams.