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One Size Doesn’t Fit All For Shampoo and Conditioner

One Size Doesn’t Fit All For Shampoo and Conditioner

Personalization is becoming the new norm. These days, everyday items from skin creams to sports drinks are being customized to suit individual needs based on data collected from facial scans, DNA tests, and even perspiration collectors. So why are we still using one-size-fits-most shampoos and conditioners? These broad products simply cannot address everyone’s unique needs. When we noticed this deficiency in the hair care industry, we knew that we had to fix it. So, we’re bringing scientific analysis to hair care, offering custom shampoo and conditioners to help each person solve their hair problem and reach their hair goals.


Custom Hair Care Goes Beyond Hair Quiz

At Strands Hair Care, we know how important it is to understand your hair. That’s why we believe that you deserve more than a simple hair quiz. We collect a few strands of your hair and then use powerful microscopic imaging and proprietary molecular analysis to determine your hair texture, hair condition, and scalp moisture. Our precise approach lets us understand your hair condition and needs like never before! Alternative custom shampoo and conditioner solutions rely on an online quiz about topics including your hair, diet, stress level, climate, fitness routine, and shampoo frequency. Let’s be honest… Do you really know your hair damage level? Or how stressed you are? How about what you had for dinner last week?


Improved Shopping Experience

We all know how the many choices in the hair-care aisle have made shopping so overwhelming. First of all, traditional products often make claims that are impossible to verify, such as, ‘improve shine’ or ‘improve strength’ by 2x”. So, we often have to put trust in a brand that the product will work as advertised. But... we are constantly underwhelmed and disappointed when the claims are not fulfilled. Moreover, we often choose hair product brands by evaluating online reviews or recommendations. The problem is that the person making the recommendation or writing the review could have different hair conditions, live in different environments, or use different hair treatments, so the products could react differently with your hair. As a result, we often have a hard time finding the right product and waste money on ones that do not match our needs.


True Hair Care is a Function of Precision and Science

Through our novel testing and formulation approach, we introduced precision and science to hair care. By analyzing your hair data and using our proprietary algorithm, we optimize ingredient selection and create personalized shampoo and conditioners that are tailored just for you! So, say goodbye to the days of being frustrated over not finding the right hair products.