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Spring/Summer Hair Care Routine

Spring/Summer Hair Care Routine

Sunny Hair Days Ahead 

Every April it happens like clockwork: the tulips in the park explode into Technicolor, my downstairs neighbor gets allergy attacks so terrible they shake the floorboards, and my hair develops a subtle halo of frizz. It starts out kinda charming—not unlike a Renaissance painting or (if you squint) something Nicole Kidman might have gotten away with in the early 90s. By early June, however, those romantic wisps have puffed out into their zip code. The anti-frizz war is officially on. But what if we could break the cycle? Recently, I learned about a few very-doable measures you can take before the heat hits to ensure your tresses are prepared, no mousses, gels, or helmets required. 

Time for a Trim

Let’s take a cue from nature here—the trees have shed their dead leaves in order to make way for new healthy neon green ones. The harsh winter air has doubtless taken a toll on your hair and it’s time for a trim. We’re not talking a major cut (although if your inner Liza Minnelli is calling, by all means go for it), just a half inch or so to do away with all those split ends. You’ll literally hear your hair whisper “thank you” in your ear. It’s a fresh, healthy start for strands and, well, very spring. 

Frizz, Who?

OK, now for the big one, the bane of our existences, the arch nemesis of our cool-and-collected hair goals. Yep...frizz. Here’s how to deal and even, dare we say it, conquer frizz once and for all. First off, try to avoid over-shampooing. If your hair tends to be on the oily side, too many washes can strip it and cause your scalp to double up on oil production, thereby drying it out and generating more frizz. No thank you.  Experimenting with the frequency with which you wash can help you find your happy medium. Another trick? On drizzly days, embrace the top knot (or braid or ponytail). It’s timeless and no-fuss and you’ll thank yourself later when you pass by a shop window and your profile looks more Holly Golightly and less...Chia Pet. 

Act Naturally

This season’s latest trend? Let your locks dry naturally. We get it—sometimes you’ve got places to be and you can’t laze on a rock like a glittery merperson combing your mane with a cockleshell. But when you can, dab your hair lightly with a towel and let nature do the rest. This lets your hair breathe, improves curl and volume (if that’s your thing), and prevents the breakage that commonly occurs when you use too much heat on wet hair. This also results in less frizz. Win-win. 

Pool Rules 

Last but not least—please, please protect your hair against chlorine. There’s no resisting the siren call of the pool, but before you put on your itsy bitsy yellow polka dot getup, coat your hair with a pump of leave-in conditioner or oil-based hair serum to keep the chemicals from soaking in. Even better, give everything a wash after you’ve taken a dip to make doubly sure that chlorine doesn’t stand a chance. Then put on your caftan, grab a good book, and find a hammock, because that’s what warm weather is for. 

Best of all: we’re here to make sure it’s your best spring and summer yet. Ready to switch up your routine for the upcoming season? Click here to start customizing!