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Strands Hair Care is Redefining Custom Hair Care

Strands Hair Care is Redefining Custom Hair Care

The Issue With The Hair Care Industry 

The hair care industry in its current state is broken. Shopping for products can entail poring over tons of reviews and unverifiable claims, or taking quizzes that are subjective by nature. The fact is, there are so many broad hair profiles and environmental factors, that it is impossible to fit customers into predetermined product categories. There's not enough effort put into extensive research in the hair products to help treat individuals with different needs. 

The Revolution of Strands Hair Care

Strands Hair Care is redefining personalized hair care by starting with real, biological data. We believe that we are all unique and no one should be defined under one standardized product. By taking a small hair sample, we test and analyze your hair at the molecular level to give you detailed insight about your hair condition. With that knowledge, we optimize full ingredient selection of custom-formulated shampoo and conditioner. It’s made just for you, based on your hair data. This is a great opportunity for you to understand what lies within your hair and discover your natural beauty. 

Strands is the first company to standardize a way to quantify hair health, and report scores back to you in terms of hair health indicators. We believe that the only way to deliver effective, personalized hair care, is to test each customer’s hair before we deliver hair care products that are optimized for your strands.

Stay tuned to see when when we’re ready to launch.

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