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Taking Customized Shampoo and Conditioner to the Next Level

Taking Customized Shampoo and Conditioner to the Next Level

Do you ever have a hard time finding the right shampoo or conditioner product and waste money on ones that do not match your needs? Like most people, it's probably all of the time! It’s very tough to find the right product and even when you finally do, the product often stops working after a while because your hair and environment changes. At Strands, we believe that the formula of your shampoo should change when your hair condition changes. This is why we customize every step of the way. We’ll not only address your constantly evolving hair needs, goals, and preferences by updating the types of ingredients and their concentrations, but also teach you things about your hair that you had no way of knowing before.


Detailed Hair Analysis Report

Starting with a small hair sample, we test your hair on a molecular level to relate its damage to important factors, such as shine, volume, frizz, and split ends. Then, we provide you with an in-depth hair analysis report that provides crucial insight into your current hair condition, and the ingredients we selected for your products to help you achieve your goals. For the first time, you can easily and accurately assess your hair and scalp condition, identify the damage, and get insight into the best ingredients for you.


Optimal Formulas That Evolve With You

By combining data from our proprietary hair and scalp tests with a detailed lifestyle and treatment consultation, Strands can determine the exact type and concentration of ingredients that match your hair profile and damage levels. And, when we find changes to your hair, lifestyle, treatment, or environment, we will optimize your formula and explain the benefits of each ingredient and why these ingredients were specifically selected in your custom shampoo and conditioner. So, say goodbye to the days of guessing what products might work for your hair.


Choose Your Own Scent

Do you ever love the way a shampoo makes your hair feel, but hate the way it smells? We at Strands know that people often care about a shampoo or conditioner’s scent just as much as its efficacy. So we give you the option to customize your personalized shampoo and conditioner from a range of unique scents. Your hair is important, so we want you to love it in every way.


The Future of Hair Care

Strands Hair Care is pioneering the future of hair care to unlock your hair’s potential. We’ve created the world’s first consumer-friendly system that analyzes your hair’s biological properties on a molecular level, exploring your hair protein levels, hair texture, cuticle condition, and scalp sebum. This ability to generate accurate, quantifiable data enables Strands to provide you with standardized hair insights and allows us to optimize ingredient selection and create highly effective custom shampoo and conditioner formulations.