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The First Consumer-Friendly System to Analyze Hair Biochemistry

The First Consumer-Friendly System to Analyze Hair Biochemistry

We all need shampoo and conditioner to clean and treat our hair but are we choosing the right products and hair treatment plans to align with our hair condition and unique needs? Unfortunately, finding the right products that match your hair's biochemistry is easier said than done. Until now, there was no easy or accurate way to assess your hair and scalp. Knowing and caring for our hair has always been a guessing game. 

Why Guessing Our Hair Condition Doesn’t Work

Currently, the most common method people use to assess their hair is based on touching and looking at their hair. As you can probably guess, this method is completely subjective and often unreliable. There are a number of factors that impact our hair that cannot be evaluated using subjective these methods. Moreover, how each person’s hair condition and needs change over time depends on their lifestyle and environment which are difficult for a person to track. All of these variables can alter the things that are important to our hair like frizz, volume, breakage, shine and split ends, yet no products on the market have the ability to address these factors in a comprehensive, effective way.

The Science of Hair Requires Precision

No quick glance in the mirror or swift stroke with your hand can possibly detect the changes that impact your hair condition. The diameter of the “texture” of human hair varies from 40 to 120 micrometers and is made up of three microscopic layers. 

In the innermost region, the cortex is highly structured and organized and is mainly responsible for the hair fiber’s mechanical strength and water intake capacity. In the second region, the medulla layer is a disorganized, unstructured open area. Lastly, the cuticle formed by overlapping layers of flat, thin keratinized cells, is responsible for protecting the hair shaft and providing most of the cosmetic properties like shine and frizz. The structure of these microscopic layers plays an important role in our overall hair condition and ultimately how we choose products and treat our hair. Since the layers of hair are so small but so important, how can we base our hair assessments on subjective measures like how our hair “looks” or “feels”?

Meet Strands Hair Care - custom hair care based on testing.

Strands Hair Care is pioneering the future of hair care to unlock your hair’s potential. We’ve created the world’s first consumer-friendly system that analyzes your hair’s biological properties on a molecular level to explore your hair protein levels, hair texture, cuticle condition, and scalp sebum. The ability to generate accurate, quantifiable data enables Strands to provide you with standardized hair insights and allows us to create highly effective custom shampoo and conditioner formulations. By formulating custom hair products based on data, Strands Hair Care ensures the product matches your hair condition, treatment, and lifestyle. Our mission is simple - better data, better products, better results.