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These 6 Hairstyles From the Met Gala Should Get Their Own Gallery

These 6 Hairstyles From the Met Gala Should Get Their Own Gallery

Did you stay up waaay past your bedtime on Monday the 13th, too? This year’s Met Gala, postponed for almost a year and a half due to the pandemic, was unquestionably an extra-dazzling affair. Dubbed the fashion world’s Oscar Night, it draws hundreds of A-list celebrities like moths to a flame, or, say, sequins to a Prada gown.

And while we were positively breathless over the couture (The flashbacks! The headpieces! The outfit changes!), there was one crucial element that really stole the show: The hair.

Spanning decades of coiffeture trends, they pulled pages from old Hollywood playbooks and the Modern Art Movement alike, inspiring us to try something a little more daring the next time we go out for drinks...or even just the laundromat. 

Now, drumroll please...

1. Megan Fox

Taking us back to the golden age of Hollywood, Megan Fox channeled Bettie Page with micro bangs so sleek, you could almost see your reflection in them (that is, if you were lucky enough to be standing that close). We love this retro look paired with her long, ropey braid. It was pinup-girl meets Helen of Troy. 


2. Lupita Nyong'o

Asymmetrical. Voluminous. Avante garde. Lupita Nyong'o's hair isn't just a style—it's straight-up art. Brooklyn-born conceptual artist Lorna Simpson inspired the look which takes on tulle-like transparent folds and coily waves. If this hair could talk, we’d listen. 


3. Yara Shahidi

“There once was a girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead.” Hands-down, we’re gonna attempt this look at our next 20s-themed party. A modern take on the Jazz age, this dreamy, wavy-locked masterpiece has serious Josephine Baker vibes and we’re here for it.


4. Maisie Williams

It wouldn’t be the Met Gala, either, if folks didn’t push the envelope a little. This Zelda Fitzgerald-Meets-the-Matrix lacquered look from Maisie Williams is our cup of tea (with a splash of bathtub gin, of course).


5.  Kristen Stewart

With her bumper bangs and high ponytail, we half-expected Kristen Stewart to step out of a Thunderbird convertible with Jane Russell, or maybe break out into a few jive steps. The morale of the story? We’re grabbing our curlers and bringing this one back.


6. Alicia Keys

Is there anything more striking than a center part? Don’t answer. That was rhetorical. And if anyone can rock a minimalist hairstyle, it’s Alicia Keys. Her sleek, timeless ponytail got some razzle dazzle treatment from nearly-microscopic rhinestones that caught the light in a magical way. 


We’re already counting the days till the next Gala—but for now, you’ll find us daydreaming about these looks. And maybe taking them for a spin because, as they say, life imitates art.