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Ways to Detangle Hair

Ways to Detangle Hair

Tangles, tangles, and more tangles, that’s just part of the everyday routine when dealing with your hair. I would say it is quite impossible to not get tangled, especially when you’re constantly exposed to so many things that affect your hair strands. It could be as simple as sleeping on your pillow or swimming, exercising or just being out in the sun with the wind blowing against your hair. Unless you have very short hair, you are bound to incur some knots, whether big or small. If your hair is very hard to detangle, there are plenty of methods that can help. let’s get untangled, shall we?


Detangle in Sections

The #1 rule to live by is to start in small sections with a brush or comb depending on your hair type. Always start at the ends and work your way up to reduce breakage from the root and avoid potential hair loss. 

Detangling Spray & Hair Mask

Detangling sprays are a miracle worker if you need extra reinforcement. It helps you work through your hair without causing breakage. Plus, it can condition or prime your hair. If tangles come too often, it could be that your hair is too dry. You should try hydrating your hair with a hair mask once a week or use hair oils. They can help moisturize your hair cuticles and decrease the number of knots you get. 

Wide Tooth Comb

If your fingers cannot work through your hair then try a wide-tooth comb. It is a very good tool to help with your tangles. It is less abrasive than a brush and it won’t catch in your hair, but remember to use it gently! If your hair is prone to breakage, we recommend a sturdier wooden comb. It’s great for working through both wet and dry hair. If you get tangles, then get a comb to complement your daily brushing routine.

Hair Condition and Oil

Never skip your conditioner. We recommend only conditioning the ends and then comb it so it is evenly distributed. Once you squeeze dry your hair (don’t rub because this will cause more tangles), you can add oils to the ends before blow-drying it to prevent hair damage and tangles. A few natural oils that we recommend are pure coconut oil, argan oil, and sweet almond oil.

Silk Pillowcases

Sleep on a silk pillowcase, because it reduces friction, which causes tangles! On top of that, silk pillowcases are super comfortable and soft on your hair and skin. Tie a low bun with a soft elastic (avoid creasing) to prevent your hair from getting tangled in your sleep while you’re rolling around in the clouds. Don’t like the low bun? Then, braid your hair instead. This method not only keeps the knots away but gives you gnarly and pretty waves when you wake up.

Regular Hair Trim

Aim to trim your hair every two months to get rid of your ends and promote healthy hair. If you have a lot of split ends and your hair gets tangled every morning, then maybe it's time for a trim. Even if you follow our tips and no longer struggle with tangles, it is still important to routinely pay a visit to your stylist or salon!