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Why Customized Hair Care Products Are The Future

Why Customized Hair Care Products Are The Future

Do you ever ask why it’s harder for you to manage your hair than for others? Or why some hair products work for you and then suddenly stop?

Well, the answer is that we all have different needs and these needs change as our hair changes. Everyone has different combinations of hair characteristics, and each person’s hair conditions and needs change based on treatment, lifestyle, and environment. Shopping for our hair care products should not be like shopping for a shirt at the mall. There are a lot more factors that influence which shampoo and conditioner "fits".

What’s wrong with traditional hair care?

Most traditional hair products fall into a few standard categories and are designed to fit a wide range of hair profiles. Typically, hair products will have a “two claim” hair profile specificity; for example - for straight, blonde hair or for dark, curly hair. These generic products make it difficult for customers to address many of their problems with a single product. There should be no “one size fits all” hair care product because we all have unique hair conditions. If you find that the shampoo and conditioner you’ve been using hasn’t improved your hair, then you might want to try switching to a custom hair care brand that knows what specific ingredients your hair needs to stay healthy.

Why does customization matter?

Multiple Factors

There are so many factors that impact our hair but no products on the market have the ability to address these factors in a comprehensive, effective way. Below are just a few of the many factors that change our hair and the products we choose:

  • Hair type
  • Hair texture
  • Scalp oiliness
  • UV exposure
  • Humidity
  • Cuticle condition
  • Hair treatments

All of these factors impact the way we perceive our hair, specifically how we judge our frizz, volume, breakage, shine and split ends. Let’s take a look at frizz. Frizz is a common problem that many people face where hair won't stay aligned in the desired style because each fiber has its own shape. But did you know that frizz is determined by a mix of multiple factors? It’s true, hair type, texture, cuticle condition, and humidity all affect frizz and each person can have a mix of these factors that contribute to their frizz problem. The best approach is to first understand what’s causing frizz, then treat it using the right ingredients that address that specific factor.  

Different Goals

In addition to our unique hair, we also have myriad hair goals. Some people just want to get rid of that annoying frizz, while others want long, and soft hair. Some others want to achieve a voluminous hairstyle, while some want a “short hair, don’t care” look. Since there are so many different categories of conditions, needs, and goals, why should people use the same products or treatments? Well, they shouldn’t. To have healthy, beautiful hair and achieve their individual goals, people need customized hair products and follow tailored hair regimens. 

The Future: Strands Hair Care 

At Strands, all of our products are customized to order. We use powerful microscopic imaging and proprietary molecular analysis to explore your hair texture, hair condition, and scalp moisture. We then use this biological data to develop a complete profile of your hair and understand the root cause of your needs. Get your hair tested with us and discover beautiful hair.