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Your Cold Weather Hair Survival Guide

Your Cold Weather Hair Survival Guide
There’s a lot to celebrate about winter, don’t get me wrong. For one, it’s socially acceptable to drink hot cocoa at all hours of the day, multiple days of the week (extra marshmallows, mandatory). Then there’s the coziness factor—pom pom hats, thick-knit scarves, and the toasty warm socks your grandma made that are suddenly much more hip than when you were eleven. Oh, and snow! Watching those popcorn flakes fall from the sky and coat everything in a magical sugar dusting will never lose its magic. But—record scratch—there’s also the downsides. Extreme temps and too many sugar cookies can take their toll, but never fear. Consider these tips your winter survival guide.

Give Your Brush a Breather 

Cooler months cause hair to become more parched than normal, making it especially vulnerable to aggressive treatment or, on a very everyday level, too-intense brushing. If you’re going to brush your tresses, remember to be extra gentle.

Of course, wet hair is the most fragile, so wait until it’s a bit less damp if you need to detangle it. We highly recommend air-drying it whenever possible and skipping the styling tools as those can weaken the cuticle that keeps each strand protected from wear and tear.

For those days when you need to get out the door, use a wide-tooth brush or comb to tame your mane (better yet, after a scalp massage to increase blood flow). Trust us, it’s the little things and your hair will thank you.

Reduce the Shock Factor

It’s electrifying! But not in a good way. Hair static is caused when moisture is lacking in your strands due to dryer winter air. It’s also worsened by hair product buildup, too, which acts like a barrier to conditioning treatments. When you take off your beanie and your hair creates a not-so-cute halo, that’s because molecular charges on the fibers are repelling each other.

But don’t get rid of your beret collection. Be sure to update your customized routine to address factors in your immediate environment and use your conditioner, plus a silk pillowcase which reduces friction to keep your hair hydrated. Moisturized strands will stay put and weather the nippy air better, too. 

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

It’s not just Jack Frost you should blame as culprit for your dried-out hair, either. The styling tools you’ve been using no problem during the warmer months are more liable to put your fibers in the danger zone, amplifying split ends and breakage. Try backing away from your blow dryer and straightener next time you’re doing your do and opt instead for less damaging styles like braids, buns, twists, and ponytails. Much like chapped lips and hands, your hair and scalp just needs a little extra TLC for the next few months. For extra points? Use a scalp massager to give your head a little spa treatment and stimulate blood flow to your hair follicle, promoting growth and a happy scalp. 

Don’t Ice Skate with Wet Hair

We get it—you slept through your alarm clock and don’t have time to dry your hair as you dash out the door. But even time is of the essence, it’s critical to ensure your hair is completely dry before going out in the cold. You’ve noticed how things can expand in icy temps and the same goes for hair strands, making them liable to break. With the right hair care routine and warm layers, we’re confident you’ll be good to go. Just don’t forget to make a snow angel or two along the way.