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Your Hair Report Awaits

Your Hair Report Awaits

The Real Wizard of Oz:

Sooo what exactly goes on at the Strands lab? Whether you’re a full-blown hair nerd, or simply curious about the way our one-of-a-kind test system works, this article is for you. After all—and we’re not humble bragging, promise—there’s nothing quite like our approach. Unfortunately, with most customizable hair treatments, a lengthy quiz is as close as you’re getting to understanding your specific hair type. From what you can see in the mirror, your hair might appear wavy, a little frizzy, and perhaps a touch oily at the roots. But, unless you have X-ray vision (props to you if you do), it’s humanly impossible to understand the chemical makeup that defines your hair biology. 

That’s why we’re giving you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of what happens when your sample reaches our lab. So get in, buckle up, and prepare to get to know your hair like it’s your best friend.

Up Close & Personal

In order for our scientists to get a front-row view of what’s really going on in your strands, they need to analyze things at the molecular level. That means using the most powerful, state-of-the-art microscopes out there. It’s like the Hubble telescope version of discovering what worlds exist in each individual hair. We analyze the cuticle condition, hair texture, scalp sebum, and protein levels to determine which formula to tailor make for you. Fun fact: We even use spectrophotometry...a fancy term for measuring how your hair proteins absorb light.



The Buck Stops With the Cuticle 

The cuticle is made up of five to ten overlapping layers and exists to protect the hair. It’s basically biological armor and if there’s a weak link your hair becomes susceptible to catastrophes galore (hello, breakage and split ends). That’s why the condition of the cuticle is the ultimate litmus test for the overall health of your tresses—a thriving, in-tact cuticle means shiny, manageable, and super-strong hair. Our scientists input your test data into our proven algorithm to determine your overall cuticle condition score, then snap a photo of it. We’ll break everything down for you in a side-by-side analysis with a healthy cuticle for visual reference, then walk you through best care practices. 


A Match Made In Heaven

Next, we’ll let you know what your texture is.Think you already know the  answer? Think again. Our method will reveal the essential feature of your hair, determined by thickness and texture. We’ll also give you a better understanding of your sebum level so we can help alleviate dry or overly-oily scalps. Then, we’ll tell you which environmental impacts (based on your zip code!)  to be on the lookout for and how to combat humidity, UV exposure, water hardness, and more with select, personalized ingredients. 

At the Strands lab, we can detect damage in your hair before it’s taken, well, root. That’s why your formula is made to support your scalp, revive your hair, and protect your strands against the elements, all while targeting vulnerabilities specific to your hair biology. Think of it as a made-for-your-lifestyle hair guru, in a bottle. It’s not’s science.