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Your Partner In Premium Hair Care

Strands is the only brand to bring a bespoke, salon-quality hair experience to the home using science. We’ve created an exciting opportunity to partner with beauty professionals to guarantee that your client receives the best customized products designed from their biological hair data, environment and lifestyle. When your client uses Strands, their hair will get the tailored ingredients it needs every time, and they’ll thank you for it!

How Strands Tests My Hair

Three easy steps. No DNA testing, just your hair

1. Receive & Prepare

Once your hair sample arrives at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Los Angeles, our scientists will clean your sample of any product, environmental or chemical residues.

2. Analyze & Discover

Our scientists will analyze your hair texture, surface proteins and cuticle condition of your hair sample using advanced microscopic techniques and spectophotometry. No DNA testing necessary. Our team then creates your personalized test report online for you to learn about your results, what these results mean for your hair and how it impacts your custom formulations.

3. Design & Deliver

Our chemists review your report and design your custom formulations with the highest quality ingredients and your premium fragrance. Lastly, we finish the process by printing your name and test results on your bottles before shipping them straight to your door.

Customized For Your Client's Needs

For $60, your client receives a complimentary test kit and their personalized 8oz bottle of shampoo and conditioner right to their door so you can continue providing them with premium hair care outside of the salon. Each of our products are made-to-order, meaning your clients benefit from ingredients at their peak efficacy while the planet benefits from a low-waste production process.